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Victory Gro​up​​

Our Educational Services

Enrichment & Tutorial Programs

Victory Group provides educational services to parents, schools and school districts in order to increase academic achievement of  all students in the areas of English Language Arts & Reading.  We help students obtain those WINS, in academics, that they deserve and have longed to accomplish. We have a 97% passage rate on STAAR because we accelerate the learning; we don't remediate. In addition, we create sustainable programs including literacy programs to help close achievement gaps and college readiness programs.

#CoronaVirusWrittenByUs Project

Who is giving voice to the students who coronavirus virus has robbed of their daily routines, friendships, sense of security, and ability to achieve normalcy?

Through this gift of literacy, our Executive Creative Director, Shaytee Gadson, helps high school students learn about not only how to emotionally process the impact of Covid-19 on their lives, but also how to write about how the Coronavirus has so deeply affected their worlds- and their families. 

These are The Rough Writers!

THRIVE is our latest college readiness program that piloted in 2019-2020 at South Early College High School and Westbury High School in Houston, TX and 2 students from Hollywood, SC.

THRIVE liberates high school students from communities with challenges and prepares them to attend and graduate from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

THRIVE identifies high school sophomores who are typically over looked because they are not the top students but they certainly have the potential. These students remain in THRIVE until they graduate from a 4-year HBCUs where we know they will THRIVE.

For the 2020-2021 school year, we hope to add 4 more high schools in the Houston Metropolitan area and Charleston, SC area. THRIVE will eventually be available in schools across the United States. Contact us for more information on how you can get THRIVE in your schools.

Acceleration Over Remediation

Acceleration Over Remediation Literacy Program (AOR) provides professional and instructional services with the intent to close achievement gaps to prepare students to transition successfully between high school and college or the workforce, as well as, increase standardized test scores. AOR is directly aligned with the State of Texas End of Course English I and English II Assessments and STAAR for Reading and Writing in elementary and middle schools for the purpose of: (1) increasing college readiness success in English Language Arts and Reading; (2) accelerating the learning through enriched writing, speaking, vocabulary, specialized reading/writing projects, and research; and (3) increasing literacy levels through high yielding scaffolding strategies.

Literacy Education Media Skills 


Literacy Education Media Skills (LEMS) for STEM is designed for students in STEM pathway tracks who need to enhance their literacy skills, which include reinforcing informational writing, correct grammar, editing, sentence structure, technical writing, paragraphing, applying knowledge of appropriate reference, speaking, listening, and critical thinking. We incorporate small group instructional activities, individualized learning, and face-to-face differentiated instruction. LEMS will help to improve the skills that students don’t necessarily learn in their STEM courses, but need the skills in order to show high academic success. LEMS in STEM is ideal for literacy integration. This program is ideal for summer enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high schools.

The Rough Writers

The Rough Writers Program is the first of its kind in the history of American Education. The Rough Writers Program has as its central tenant, the idea that an acclaimed author, creates published authors who are minority, high school students. The Rough Writers groundbreaking and history making premise is this: despite the environment, familial structure, socioeconomic status or difficulties encountered with family immigration status, if a high school minority student becomes an author, their self esteem, leadership skills, critical thinking skills and communication skills enhance, which include reading, writing, speaking and listening, and the chances that they will see the inside of a prison or jail cell, become infinitesimal. This program is ideal for high school students. 

What our customers are saying

Victory Group helped my daughter, my niece and my nephew as they struggled with writing and reading. They are amazing when it comes to providing accelerated enrichment services. 

Janice Glover, Parent and Teacher

Accelerate the Reading

No matter the reading or Lexile level of the learner, our team of professionals use accelerated reading strategies and best practices in order to push students to high levels of academic achievement in reading. This program is ideal for summer enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high school students.

Write ON Write OFF

In this Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid), unconventional style of training, our team of professionals coach (tutor) students in a plethora of writing techniques in order for them to maximize their opportunities to write at higher levels. This program is ideal for summer enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high school students.

Level Up Writing

No more lower level writing of essays, short stories, poems or prose.  Our team writing experts, tutor students to prepare them to write college-level literary pieces that are guaranteed to increase their writing scores by 2-4 points. This program is ideal for summer enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high school students.